Bench Series #18: Admiring the view

The day after we arrived here in Umhlanga Rocks, we went for our favourite walk along the promenade. This couple were ‘sitting ducks’ just waiting to be shot for Jude’s ‘Benches at the Beach’ challenge. I’m not sure which of these two images I prefer, so I’ll show you both of them.



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Bench Series#14: Benches with a view

For the month of April, Jude is looking for benches with a view.

I feel very nostalgic when I look at these photos of benches along our promenade in Umhlanga Rocks, Hubby and I have walked past them so many times, and although it’s less than a year since we left, it sometimes feels like another lifetime ago.


Although the benches look identical, you can see that that they aren’t in the same place, as there are no railings in the second pic. The aloes on the right, will just be coming into flower now, but it won’t be very long before the birds find them and peck them to pieces, to get at the nectar.


This is me, on our favourite bench right at the end of the path, sitting drinking in the view before starting on our way back home for tea.


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