One Word Sunday: Skyline

Debbie’s one word this Sunday is ‘Skyline’, so I’ve travelled over in spirit to South Africa and the seaside town of Umhlanga where we used to live.

This was the skylne we saw as we walked a few steps down the pathway leading from our house to the beach and the Indian Ocean.

A short distance along the beach and past the lighthouse, one could look back and see this skyline with an often hazy view of the city of Durban in the distance..

A little further along the promenade, one could look out to sea and admire the candelabra-shaped aloes which line the pathway.

I’m not really much of an early bird, but getting up in time to view the sunrise over the sea was always worth the effort. Now all these skylines are making me really homesick.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed a lovely weekend. To join Debbie’s ‘One Word Sunday’, just click the link.

My Sunday Photo: Lighthouse Memories

My sister’s painting of the Umhlanga lighthouse, which she did for my birthday a few of years ago,  has survived the trip over from South Africa, and it’s so nice to see it again. I have such great memories of living there, right next to the beach.


Hope you’re all having a great Sunday. Mine can be summed up in two words, “Packing Boxes.” We’re going to the Super Bowl dinner at the club tonight, so that will be a most enjoyable end to the busy day.


WPC: Close Ups from South Africa and Florida

In this week’s Photo Challenge, we’re invited to” discover the hidden details that can only be seen up close.”

I’ve posted this one before, but it does happen to be my all time favourite close up. Isn’t he cute?


Another popular subject for my photos, is the Umhlanga lighthouse.


These pigeons in the aloe caught my attention as I strolled along by the ocean.


Another much bigger bird is the Ibis who often comes pecking his way through my back yard here in Florida.


I certainly couldn’t leave out Mr. GBH, as he looks so good close up, especially on a windy day.


Hope you’re all off to a good start this weekend. Enjoy.


Bench Series #18: Admiring the view

The day after we arrived here in Umhlanga Rocks, we went for our favourite walk along the promenade. This couple were ‘sitting ducks’ just waiting to be shot for Jude’s ‘Benches at the Beach’ challenge. I’m not sure which of these two images I prefer, so I’ll show you both of them.



To join in the challenge, just visit Jude’s ‘Benches at the Beach’ post.


Thursday’s Special: Out on the water

Here’s my contribution to Paula’s Thursday Special ‘Water’. This photo was taken from the Umhlanga Rocks Lifeguard station, where hubby and I often went for an early breakfast.  The crew are most probably on their way out to inspect the shark nets which lie a few hundred metres offshore.


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Travel Theme: I’m a minimalist at the beach.

Most of the time I’m a really sociable person, but when I go to the beach, I do love somewhere quiet and uncluttered. A few bicycles are just fine, as long as their riders are nowhere to be seen.


Ah yes, this is just perfect…… dead tree and no live people!


I’m quite willing to share my paddling space with one gull, but that’s about as generous as I get.


Of course, one must always be prepared for an unexpected interruption of such paradisical minimalism. A jogger might suddenly appear, whilst at the same time, a head pops up for air from the hitherto unpopulated sand.


I hope you’ve enjoyed my minimalist beach pics for Ailsa’s Travel Theme.

When morning gilds the skies, for Ailsa’s Travel Theme.

I’m back home again after our super mini vacation. I’ll tell you more about it next week, with photos, but I just have to share my sunrise photos from today, and link to Ailsa’s Horizon Travel Theme.

I’m not usually an early riser, but today I happened to wake up at 6am, so crept out of bed and onto the balcony without waking hubby. I managed to open both the shutters and the sliding door without making a noise. I was so proud of myself. 🙂

Here’s what I saw:

The sun was just a tiny spec on the horizon.

The sun had only just woken up too, and was only a tiny spec.

Then it started to rise up out of the Indian ocean.

Then it started to rise up out of the Indian ocean, like a UFO on fire.

Then it spread its rosy glow a bit further across the horizon.

It soon started to spread its rosy glow across the horizon.

Sun up! Time to wake hubby and get ready for breakfast.

Then all of a sudden, it was ‘Sun up’! Time to wake hubby, and get ready for a sumptuous breakfast.

There's nothing quite like a sunrise over the Indian Ocean.

There’s nothing quite like a sunrise over the Indian Ocean.

I hope you’ve all had as enjoyable a weekend as I have.