‘Monkey Business’ for Michelle’s Pet Challenge.

We have rather a lot of monkeys here in South Africa, and down here at the coast, the Vervets are seemingly, everywhere. Yesterday, I was sitting at my computer…..blogging of course, when I sensed that I was NOT alone. Turning my head slightly, I was just in time to see two cheeky monkeys on their merry way to my fruit bowl. As I stood up to ‘greet’ them, they turned tail and fled out onto the patio. There was a whole troupe of them in the garden, probably about twenty in all, but I couldn’t get them to pose for a family group photo.


This one seemed to be a bit of a loner, but I think he was busy working out a strategy.


He ambled around the plant pots, probably thinking of my bananas sitting on the kitchen top, and figuring out whether there was a chance that he could get back into the house, now that I’d been lured outside.


Another one decided to feign nonchalance, and pretend that he hadn’t seen me. “See no evil. ”


His little sister tried her best to distract me with her pole dancing act,


whilst the sentry monkey, stationed on the wall opposite, kept a look out for marauding humans.


I thought I had the situation under control, but suddenly got quite a fright when something landed on the awning right above my head. It sounded like an elephant,  but fortunately it was only another monkey, and I was treated to a shadow and light show.

Whilst were on the subject of monkeys, here’s another monkey mural from the Oyster Box Hotel.


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Dad’s Birthday, Visiting Mom, Dingo, Monkeys.


Yesterday would have been my dad’s 92nd birthday. He’s been gone now for almost nine years. The only thing he cared about at the end, was that mom would always be looked after when he wasn’t around anymore. A few Christmas’s ago, my sister painted this portrait from a wartime photo, of dad in his sailor’s uniform. It now hangs on mom’s wall at the care home.


When I arrived to see her today, she was lying on her bed, looking so cosy and warm under her mohair blanket. I kissed her forehead, but she didn’t open her eyes, so I just sat there for a while, looking at her face and feeling so much love for this wonderful mom of mine. I started talking to her about all the fun holidays and outings to the seaside we’d had as kids, and gradually, she came to and smiled at me. “Picnics,” she said, with a twinkle in her eye. Suddenly that one word, brought memories flooding back to me of my mom, young and fit, busily making delicious sandwiches, boiling eggs, buttering homemade scones and packing the picnic hamper with goodies, plus flasks of tea and bottles of cold drink. On a Sunday afternoon, we would all pile into dad’s car, and off we would go to some unknown destination. As children, we didn’t really care where we went, as long as there was a picnic at the end of the journey. Sometimes we’d go to a stately home in the country, and sit on blankets on the lawns, enjoying our sumptuous fare. My sister and I would then go off exploring, whilst our parents had a well-earned snooze in the sunshine. When travelling to the seaside, we’d usually stop in a lay-by for some refreshment. Out would come the picnic table and folding chairs, and whilst the traffic whizzed past us at frighteningly close quarters, we would munch on cheese sandwiches and rock cakes. There was no such thing as fast food outlets along the highways in those days. If you didn’t take it with you, you just didn’t get to eat.

Mom’s memory is fading so much these days, but with little prompts from me, she was able to recall people and incidents from our past, and seemed to really enjoy the tales I related to her. It was a very precious half hour. My sister then arrived with her dog, Dingo, and that really perked mom up. She was soon up and out of bed and sitting out on the verandah in the sunshine. Dingo was delighted with all the fuss she was making of him. Just look at the soppy look on his face.


All the while we were sitting there, the monkeys were playing in the trees. There were so many of them, big ones and tiny babies too. How many can you spot? If you click on the pic, it should enlarge.


The lady sitting next to mom, said that they are a wonderful source of entertainment for all the residents at the care home. Much better than TV, that’s for sure.


This was my Saturday morning in six words. How was yours?



WPC: Monkey Business at the Threshold

Sadly, my mom is not strong enough to come down to the seaside to visit us, so today, we took lunch up to my sister’s house and spent a lovely time there with the family. After a couple of hours, mom’s energy started to flag, and we had to take her back to the care home where she now lives. Every time we drive up to the threshold of the home, we are met by an assortment of monkeys, and today was no exception.

In the car park were two Vervet monkeys taking it in turns to preen one another.


At the entrance gate,  a whole family were doing guard duty.


As we were about to enter the building. I spotted this one hanging out in a tree.


There were also two cute baby ones, but they scuttled off before I could snap their picture. We put mom to bed for her afternoon nap, and then drove back down the hill to our home by the sea.


As we came over the hill, and the Indian Ocean sprang into view, I was thinking about the fact that hubby and I are on the threshold of a new adventure. We have accepted a very good offer on our house, and will be selling up here in the next three months. This has been on the cards for three years now, ever since we bought our home in Florida, but yesterday, the right person walked over our threshold, fell in love with the house and decided that this is where she wants to live. The next three months are going to be quite hectic.

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