Feathers On Friday: Mr GBH Does A Photobomb

So, the wood stork community and a few of their Anhinga friends were just hanging out together having a casual get together and just as I’d got them nicely posed for their photo shoot………


…. all of a sudden, a very streamlined Mr GBH decided to flash past like a streak of lightning. What a showoff!


Happy Friday and a pleasant weekend to you all.

What lurks beneath?

A clump of beautiful green water lily leaves shimmering in the sunshine looks so innocuous doesn’t it? But wait just a moment; something is lurking quietly there almost imperceptible unless one looks closely.


Big Al is on the prowl, making not a sound as he glides along. I wonder why his teeth seem too big for his mouth and hang out at the side.


As he comes into view, I can see the sly look in his eye as he scouts around for his prey.


He does look rather mean and purposeful today and I’m sure he won”t go hungry for long.


Wishing you all a happy weekend, but do be careful around water lilies. You never can be sure about what lurks beneath.






Sunday Stills: Birds a plenty in Florida

Ed’s Sunday Stills Challenge this week was to to take a photo of a group of four or more birds. We have birds a plenty here in Florida.

Roosting for the night

Roosting for the night

Black-bellied whistling ducks

Black-bellied whistling ducks

A flotilla of Cormorants

A flotilla of Cormorants sailing by

Greedy Ibis attacking my lawn

Greedy Ibis attacking my lawn

Bird blossom trees

Bird blossom trees


Thursday’s Special: Twilight Reflections

Paula’s challenge this week is ‘Reflection’. Just as the sun was setting over the Wakodahatchee Wetlands, this Tricoloured Heron was looking for a suppertime snack, or maybe he was just reflecting upon his day in the marsh.


To join in Paula’s challenge, click her badge.


All’s well that ends well in the Heron family saga.

Do you remember this pair of Great Blue Herons? I seriously wondered if their relationship was going to last, because it looked like Ms. GBH was trying to pick a fight with her mate.


The next time I saw them, they didn’t even seem to be speaking to one another!


Then a few days ago, I was so relieved to see that all was hunky-dory again, and there they were, playing ‘happy families’. Mommy was feeding the babies whilst daddy was doing a bit of home restoration.


I do love a happy ending, don’t you? Have a great weekend, and think of me playing my heart out on Sunday night.