Feathers on Friday: Mr GBH Gives A Heads Up

Fishing along the water’s edge, Mr GBH is seen against the backdrop of the Coral Tree  flower reflections. (Photos taken through my bathroom window.)


Such elegance as he holds his head high on that slender neck.


Wishing you all a safe and peaceful weekend.

“Keep your head up. keep your heart strong.”  ~  Ben Howard


Silent Sunday: Mr. GBH in a reflective mood

“So much noise here yesterday with all that chain-sawing after Irma passed through. Hmm…..I wonder where my breakfast is hiding?”


“Can’t see many big fish here. I think they all got scared away. That’s not good at all.”


“I think I’ll have to try my luck over the other side.”


I hope he found something for Sunday breakfast. Happy Sunday to you all.

WPC: Mirrored Water Reflections

The Weekly Photo Challenge ‘Mirror’, encourages us to show some of our best reflection photos.

This is one of my favourites taken at our local nature reserve, where it looked like the sky had fallen down into the water.


In Costa Rica, a single lotus blossom floating on really still water, was an absolute must to photograph.


This lovely canal scene in Amsterdam, also has to be included.


I never tire of the view from my backyard, and often try to imagine all the creatures busily going about their daily chores in those trees and also under the water. Probably that’s where all my ‘Backyardigans’ sleep at night and I’m pretty sure that there must be an alligator or two lurking there.


I hope you enjoyed my mirrored reflections, and wish all my American blog friends a great Labor Day. Hope this week will be a good one for all of you.

I participate in WordPress' Weekly Photo Challenge 2016

I participate in WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge 2016



Thursday’s Special: Twilight Reflections

Paula’s challenge this week is ‘Reflection’. Just as the sun was setting over the Wakodahatchee Wetlands, this Tricoloured Heron was looking for a suppertime snack, or maybe he was just reflecting upon his day in the marsh.


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