Silent Sunday: Pretty In Pink

Meet Rosie.


Happy Sunday.


So Stylish In Orange And Black

Grandpa Igasho shows off his new orange and black outfit. “What do you think of my Halloween costume? I thought I’d better grab it quick before they were all sold out.”

DSCN6246 copy

This is my contribution to Debbie’s ‘Six Word Saturday’ challenge.

I hope you’re all having a great weekend.


B&W Sunday: The Mussel Man after and before.

Paula’s B&W Sunday Challenge this week is ‘After and Before’. Yesterday, whilst walking along the beach footpath, I noticed some activity going on in one of the rock pools.  A mussel collector, wearing snorkel and flippers, was at work filling a bag with tasty morsels. Here is the B&W edit of my shot.

FullSizeRender 5

In the original colour version, he’s far more visible. Must be something to do with the bright yellow flippers.

FullSizeRender 4

One of the guests at my sister’s birthday party on Saturday brought along a plate of delicious bacon-wrapped mussels which he had earlier collected from this same part of the beach. Needless to say, they didn’t last long.


Feathers on Friday: The Fly Past

Well, the week has really flown by, just like this Pelican on his way home to roost in the trees at the side of our lake.


I’ve survived my second week in our half-finished house, and am getting quite used to not having a kitchen. Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.  Have lots of fun times.

If you have any photos of feathered friends, join in Charlotte’s ‘Feathers on Friday’ challenge.

Weekend thoughts over breakfast

When I was still working, I understandably used to look forward so much to the weekends. I wonder why now that I’m retired, the weekends are still so special. Is it that old habits die hard, or is there really something magical about these two days whose names just happen to begin with the same letter as my own name?


W aiting eager for relaxation
E ach weekday seems like a year
E ndless workdays in between
K eep my eyes just fixed on Friday
E lusive though it often seems
N early there, the prize is waiting
D one with work and now I’m free

W here has all my free time gone to
E ven whilst I was enjoying
E very moment of weekend fun
K eeping work on the back burner
E njoyment seemed to be the key
N ow it’s Sunday, almost over
D rat my weekend’s been and gone!


Wishing you all a delicious weekend.