Travel Theme: ‘Frames’ of St Michael’s Mount

This ‘framed’ view, looking down at the subtropical terraced garden clinging to the cliffs, was taken from a window at the iconic castle of St. Michael’s Mount in Cornwall, part of which is still home to the St Aubyn family who owned the Mount from 1657 until it was given to the National Trust in 1954, with the family still retaining responsibility for its management.


This majestic castle built high on a granite crag, dates back to the 14th century.


Imagine who might have sat in this window seat maybe reading a book or gazing out to sea, when this castle was first inhabited more than six centuries ago.


How many people have peered through this narrow window to see boats bobbing about on the waves, or ships loaded with Cornish tin leaving the harbour?


From this window, a person could spend many a happy hour enjoying the breathtaking views of spectacular Mount’s Bay.


In fact there is no shortage of gorgeous windows here, and each frame is different.


Here’s a particularly lovely leaded window frame, flanked by two carved marble busts.


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