A Happy Reunion

I’ve been unpacking boxes for days, some from our last house, but mostly from our house we sold in South Africa two years ago. Everything was packed up and kept in a warehouse at Durban docks until we had it shipped over late last year. Since then, all the boxes have been in a storage unit waiting for the day when all the house renovations were completed. The furniture is pile ceiling-high in the two spare bedrooms. So far I’ve filled ten packing boxes with surplus items which are going on Wednesday for the ‘Breast Cancer’ pickup.  We did donate, sell, and also gave to friends and family, such a lot of things before we left, but it’s amazing how much stuff one accumulates over the years. I’ve decided that the most useful inventions ever, have to be cupboards and drawers. Whatever would we do without them?

I had a most happy reunion with my pets, who survived their incarceration and journey across the ocean, wrapped in paper inside a cardboard box. Fido and Felix have been in our family for over twenty years. Our son bought us the dog, and then hubby and I decided that Fido needed a cat for company. They’re the easiest pets we ever had, no feeding or cleaning up after them, and all they needed when I unwrapped them was a bit of a polish.


Fido doesn’t look too happy, but I’ve never seen him smile in over twenty years. Felix spends all his time asleep, and I guess nothing’s going to change.

I managed to visit a few of you over the weekend, but this week I’m going to be really busy organising things here. Hubby is busy painting the dining room, and then there’s still his study to do. We’ve booked our flights over to South Africa to see family and friends, and will be leaving during the first week in October for about six weeks. So exciting, except for the thought of packing cases.

Wishing you all a great week. I’ll pop in when I get a chance.