Wordless Wednesday: When I look into your eyes…

It’s been a while since I’ve seen an alligator in our pond, but this one at our local nature reserve had quite a hypnotic gaze.


Happy Wednesday to you all. Only six more sleeps until we fly off to Chile to join our Antarctic cruise.

Wordless Wednesday: Cute Home-Builder

Mr. Weaver Bird putting the finishing touches to his love nest.


What a beautiful and wondrous world we are so privileged to live in! If only all humans could wake up each day and realise this, instead of wanting to hurt their fellow man. Today, my heartfelt thoughts are with the people of Istanbul and especially our dear blog friend https://photographyofnia.com/2016/06/29/do-not/ at this terrible time.




Wordless Wednesday: Who remembers pulling the chain?

Visiting the ‘loo’ in a Johannesburg restaurant, I was surprised to see this old-fashioned high-tank. It took me right back to my childhood when we had an outside toilet. I remember my mom often asking as we came back into the kitchen,”Did you remember to pull the chain?”