Cee’s FFC Abstract: Working at the Car Wash Blues

It was Saturday lunchtime, and a guy was waving a “Car wash only $1” sign as we were about to pass Woody’s, so hubby drove in. The drive through car wash is not one of my all time favourite experiences, so I amused myself by taking a few pics. Make sure all the windows are closed, here comes the tsunami!


I would never dare go through one of these on my own. I read about a 94-year-old guy in Sacramento who accidentally put his foot on the accelerator and drove through at 40 mph, crashing into the equipment and causing $100 000 worth of damage.


How would a small child react to his or her first time through this noisy and dark tunnel? I think it must be truly terrifying.

IMG_7212Do you ever get a fright when that big dryer heads straight for your windscreen? Yikes, what if it doesn’t hold?


A woman in England had her spoiler ripped right off by some of these big black flapping thingamabobs. They really do slap your car around.


The upside was that I did get some nice abstract images for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge. Finally we make it to the end of the tunnel. What a relief to see daylight again!


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