WPC: Admiration for hubby’s creativity

The Weekly Photo Challenge ‘Admiration’ invites us to depict something or someone that we admire. As many followers of this blog know, we bought an abandoned house a couple of years ago, and actually moved into it at the end of February. I know some of you are curious to know how the renovations are going, as except for the new roof and all new windows, hubby is doing everything himself.


The whole of the interior needed to be stripped out, as the house had been standing empty for about four years with the roof leaking in many places. The ceilings had begun to fall in and the not so ‘dry’ wall was full of black mold.


Hubby got rid of all the nasties, and filled three large dumpsters with the damaged ceiling and walls, plus flooring and bathroom and kitchen fittings. So far we now have three bedrooms, three bathrooms and the laundry completed, and what a transformation. My bathroom which used to look like this;


is now unrecognizable.


I really love my amazing Japanese soaking tub.


His adjoining bathroom has also undergone a transformation from this


to this.


The shower room is accessible from both our bathrooms.


The living area is still under construction, but we’re starting to see ‘the wood for the trees’ as it were. All the framing is done for the walls and ceilings.


Entrance hall

Hubby had planned on buying a kit for the domed ceiling, but when he came to place the order, found that for some unexplained reason, the company doesn’t deliver to Florida. Not a problem though; he just bought the plywood and made it up himself. I really admire the fact that when he sets his mind on something, he is never thwarted and can always make a plan.


Working on constructing a domed ceiling which will be over my piano.

Here is the barrel ceiling he created in the main bedroom. There will be another one in the dining room.


The TV/family room will have a decorative metal-panelled centre.


Frame for metal tray ceiling in TV/family room.

The kitchen will also have a similar feature.


Base for the metal tray ceiling in the kitchen.

I keep joking about not having a kitchen, (Those of you with a sharp eye, might have spotted a fridge/freezer standing in the entrance hall), but I know that before too long, that will also be completed. The one he did in our previous house was gorgeous, and the new owners are delighted with it.



He does everything himself, from construction to plumbing, electrics, tiling, painting, a/c ducting, etc.. I am full of admiration for his creativity, tenacity and sheer energy to just get on and do what he’s set his mind to do. Now I must go and do my bit and sweep some more sawdust.

Hope you all have a great Tuesday.