WPC ‘Oops’ : Whodunnit?

Yesterday when we arrived home, our next door mailbox was laying on the ground. The owners didn’t appear to be home, and I hoped they wouldn’t think that I was responsible. I assumed that their garden service truck must have run into it. When I left for the gym this morning, my neighbour was busy propping it up as best he could.


With a wry smile, he told me his wife had clipped it when she drove in, but said that her car wasn’t damaged at all, which I think must be quite a miracle, as these postboxes are pretty heavy. Anyway, I think he did a great job, although the mailman will have to bend down a bit.


Hope his wife manages to avoid hitting the trestle. I’m sure someone will be round to fix it properly next week, but it will have to be paid for. This kind of ‘Oops’ is quite a regular occurrence in our street, where most of the resident are quite elderly. I was quite grateful to have something to post for the WPC this week, as I was a bit stumped. How obliging it was of my neighbour to have a little mishap. 🙂

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