WPC: Monkey Business at the Threshold

Sadly, my mom is not strong enough to come down to the seaside to visit us, so today, we took lunch up to my sister’s house and spent a lovely time there with the family. After a couple of hours, mom’s energy started to flag, and we had to take her back to the care home where she now lives. Every time we drive up to the threshold of the home, we are met by an assortment of monkeys, and today was no exception.

In the car park were two Vervet monkeys taking it in turns to preen one another.


At the entrance gate,  a whole family were doing guard duty.


As we were about to enter the building. I spotted this one hanging out in a tree.


There were also two cute baby ones, but they scuttled off before I could snap their picture. We put mom to bed for her afternoon nap, and then drove back down the hill to our home by the sea.


As we came over the hill, and the Indian Ocean sprang into view, I was thinking about the fact that hubby and I are on the threshold of a new adventure. We have accepted a very good offer on our house, and will be selling up here in the next three months. This has been on the cards for three years now, ever since we bought our home in Florida, but yesterday, the right person walked over our threshold, fell in love with the house and decided that this is where she wants to live. The next three months are going to be quite hectic.

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