Horns in Wyoming

A few years ago we stayed in Jackson Hole on our way to Yellowstone National Park. In Jackson town centre is the George Washington Memorial Park which has four archways built entirely out of elk antlers. There are approximately 2,000 antlers to each arch.


On our travels through Yellowstone we saw many bison, the largest land mammal in North America. The males can weigh anything up to 2,000 pounds and females about 1,000 pounds. They can run up to 35 miles an hour, so it’s best not to have a race with one, as they can quickly pivot and suddenly be turning to face you.


These bison are pure descendants of the vast herds which once roamed the grasslands of the United States and the largest bison population is to be found in Yellowstone, where they have lived continuously since prehistoric times.


For the sake of safety, these photos were taken through the open car window.

Happy Sunday everyone.

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Bench Series #41: 8º below at Yellowstone

Yes ’tis I, disguised underneath all the layers of clothing. This bench photo was taken in May 2010 whilst waiting for Old Faithful, America’s most famous geyser, to spring into action. As you can see, Spring hadn’t happened yet in Yellowstone National Park. It was bitterly cold with an icy wind blowing.

Old Faithful Yellowstone National Park

We were impatiently waiting for the promised spectacular spurt of steam which can shoot from 3,700 to 8,400 US gallons of boiling water into the air. Old Faithful, one of the most predictable geographical features on earth, erupts roughly every 90 minutes, with the jet of steam rising from 106-185 feet, and lasting anything from 1-5 minutes. I was pacing up and down trying to keep warm, but I think the woman on the bench must have been frozen solid.

Do you have any photos of benches with someone or something on them, for Jude’s Bench Series #41?