Sunsets, a Hummingbird, and Birthdays for Ailsa’s Theme.

Ailsa’s Travel Theme ‘Glow’, had me searching firstly for sunsets.

I really miss the rosy glow of a Florida sunset.


I was mesmerised by the orange glow of this sunset in San Antonio, Costa Rica.


Of course, this gorgeous blue Hummingbird we happened upon in the rain forest there, has a glow all of his own.


Then I thought of the luminous glow of youth, which is very hard to replicate as one gets older.


Taylor’s older sister had a beautiful glowing birthday cake last year.


Today is my daughter’sΒ  birthday, and the glow of her smile can really light up a room. Here’s to you, Mandy!


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96 comments on “Sunsets, a Hummingbird, and Birthdays for Ailsa’s Theme.

  1. Such lovely shots Sylvia . Family photos are hard to beat for that *special glow πŸ™‚
    Happy Birthday wishes to your daughter Mandy !

  2. I usually prefer the not usual color, so I’m not sure if I’m bias or not, but I prefer that San Antonio sun than the first one. Really nice shot! … and the giddy princess blowing the candles πŸ˜€

  3. an excellent display of the word – Glow. They all fit the challenge perfectly. A child’s glow is such a precious thought. It’s difficult to pick one.
    For sure, I thought the last photo was priceless. Two glowing beauties.
    Happy Birthday to you daughter, Mandy. May her next year be filled with lots of glowing moments with you.
    Issy ❀

  4. Lovely gallery …. on the same time a firework. Excellent … and I wish your daughter a fantastic day … and a even better tomorrow. Have never seen a hummingbird in freedom, they are so cute

  5. Love the gorgeous sky of San Antonio, Costa Rica.

    Is that picture of you or your grand daughter? Yes, it is not possible to get that glow of youth again 😦 I am dimming πŸ™‚

  6. You, your daughter and granddaughters look so much alike. Your hummingbird statement is so true. There is nothing we can do to replenish the reality youthfulness no matter how hard we try. Beauty shines from within, our love, joy, purity and health. Lots of love to you and your beautiful family. πŸ™‚

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