My MAC has gone down with ‘flu too. 

I don’t usually post from my iPhone, but my computer has decided that it also needs some attention, so has decided to be really sick. Hubby had a look at it and said I need a new one with more memory. It won’t upload photos at all and my inbox is now having a cadenza, telling me I have a million emails, most of which are multiplied by dozens at a time. I’ll be off to the Apple Store on Wednesday and will be back with you once I have everything sorted. Have a great week. In the meantime, here is a photo taken last week. Can you guess where we were? 

6 Word Saturday: Barely Keeping My Head Above Water.

I haven’t spent much time watching my Backyardigans lately, but hubby spotted Mr. Turtle cruising around. I wonder if this is the same one who we had outside our garage door last month. If so, little Terrence has really grown a lot.


If any of you have noticed that I’ve been missing in ‘inaction’ for a while, It’s because I’ve been down with this dreadful coughing flu  ‘adenovirus’. Some days I’ve managed to surface for a couple of hours, and most nights I’ve spent coughing myself silly. My son and family arrive on Friday and I’ll be really busy catching up with chores until then, and also have an article to write for our club magazine, so I’ve decided to take a blogging break for a while. Please feel free to chat amongst yourselves whilst I am gone.

Have a great weekend.

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