Whatsoever Is Lovely Challenge Week # 22

XingfuMama has a really uplifting challenge for us. We are invited to step back for a few moments each week to find something lovely or to tell of a precious moment in our lives. A couple of days ago, after two days of almost continuous rain, I looked out of my kitchen window to be greeted by this beautiful sight. One of my orchids had been very busy preparing for its fair-weather debut and the twins were dressed in the most glorious attire.

There are so many things in life which fill us with joy and nature seems to provide me with something wonderful every day. Whilst I’ve been sitting on my sofa typing this, I’ve had one eye out of the window, watching the Great Blue Heron parents teaching their young one to fly. How blessed I am to have such creatures almost in my backyard.

If you have something lovely to report, be sure to click on this link. Hope your week is going really well.

73 comments on “Whatsoever Is Lovely Challenge Week # 22

  1. June seems so far away in my mind just now- past and future !
    Those beautiful twins must surely be tucked up a bedly by now, but I’m sure or rather know that your backyard keeps on giving whatever the season πŸ™‚ Happy New Year dear Sylvia xx

    • Thanks, Poppy. Those twins have flowered yet again since I posted this photo. I’m sure they’re hard at work right now planning their next appearance. πŸ˜… I have five other beautiful orchids in flower at the moment. They’re the gift that keeps on giving. πŸ‘πŸ»

      • Well aren’t they quite the show offs * teasing πŸ˜‰
        How lovely to have another beautiful display ! X

  2. Hi Ad! You’ve not posted recently and with all the storm damage in Florida I wondered if you had been affected. I don’t know exactly where your home is so I’m hoping for the best. Thinking of you!

  3. Gorgeous orchids, Sylvia! The colour combination is amazingly beautiful – are they cattleyas or maybe some hybrid? Lucky you! Beauty is good to have around in order to feel good.

  4. Love the blooms today! Nice moody and even elegant shot

    But then hearing about the heron family in your backyard – ahhhjj – such beauty to behold and so close

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  6. Wow, those orchids are absolutely beautiful! It must be something very special to watch Great Blue Herons teaching their young to fly…from your sofa!

  7. A wonderful challenge – and you answered it beautifully, Sylvia. I want you to know that you have, over the past years, inspired me to look for the profound joy in the present moment. To pause, to reflect, to celebrate. Much love and hugs coming your way.

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