My Sunday Photo: Flower Power

I find that flowers are powerful mood brighteners, so I’m hoping these which I have on my coffee table, will help to cheer your day too.


I need to take a break from blogging for a while, as I have so much happening in my life at the moment, and today my sister called me to say that our darling mom is not doing at all well. You may remember that I went over to South Africa at the end of May for Mom’s 90th birthday. Hubby and I are looking at flights again, and may have to fly back there again within the next few days.


Otto’s Challenge: Seeing Beyond

Otto of the ‘In Flow’ blog, has challenged us to show photos of something which surprises the viewer and makes him see beyond the obvious. In the past, I have posted images of rocks, trees and clouds, where I’ve seen faces and animals in these objects. The condition called ‘Pareidolia’ is a natural function of the human brain which I think many of us ‘suffer’ from, enabling us to see familiar things in the strangest of places. It has been defined as “A false perception of imagery due to what is theorized as the human mind’s over-sensitivity to perceiving patterns in otherwise random phenomena.”

What do you see in this perfectly ordinary tree trunk which jumped out at me in the rain forest in Costa Rica?


I was fascinated by the facial hair and the fancy hat. 🙂

Thursday’s Special: An Outlaw’s Hiding Place

This week’s ‘Thursday’s Special’ is a challenge dedicated to the past. Paula says, “It can be a past that is abandoned and about to be forgotten, or past that is still functional and intertwined with present.

On our recent visit to England, I revisited a place not far from my home town, which brought back fond memories of my childhood. Sherwood Forest was a favourite place for weekend outings with my parents and sister, and in those days there was no entrance fee or protection of this now world famous tree, ‘Robin Hood’s Major Oak’.


As a child, I really believed the legends surrounding this amazing tree which is thought to be almost 1,000 years old. As my sister and I climbed around inside the hollow trunk which has a girth of  33 ft (10 m), I used to imagine Robin Hood and his Merry Men, together with the fair Maid Marion, hiding themselves there from the wicked Sheriff of Nottingham and his cruel henchmen. I remember that there were shelves inside the trunk, where the intrepid outlaws were supposed to have stored their food provisions.


Nowadays, it’s fenced off from the public and supported with an impressive network of scaffolding, which I suppose is  very necessary for its preservation, but somewhat disappointing to the child still in me, who was longing to run across and touch this wonderful old tree and to feel the thrill of being inside that old tree trunk once more.


Meet the new neighbours

Over at the ‘new’ house that hubby is working on, we have a family of iguanas in our backyard. They are really rather large, and I hope they stay outside and don’t decide to pay neighbourly visits like the little lizzies have a habit of doing. Yesterday I found an 8 inch lizard in the bath tub, which wasn’t ideal, but I would totally freak out if I found one of these dragony creatures in the shower with me. I was reading that they can grow to 5 or 6 feet!

I took these photos through the window so as not to disturb them. This is Iggy who must be the big daddy.


Igua is the mommy, and she’s only slightly smaller.


There are at least three younger ones, who were hidden in the long grass. I was wondering if these creatures are harmful to gardens, and read that besides eating weeds, insects and smaller reptiles, they also like to feed on such plants as orchids, bougainvillea and other garden shrubs, which won’t make me very happy at all. They can also deliver a very nasty bite if one gets too close. I think Mr. A could be a much more preferable neighbour as at least he mostly stays in the water.


Do you have any interesting ‘backyardigan’ critters?

My Sunday Photo: Living the good life in Key West

Boats of all sizes abound in The Keys. Along the the road, we saw lots of vehicles towing boats, and there were hundreds of them stacked up at the various boat retailers along the highway. In Key West, luxury motor yachts regularly zipped their way past our hotel. What a life! I think I could definitely get used to it.



I’ve just seen that this is my 500th post since I restarted my blog 1 year and 9 months ago. Thanks so much to all of you who follow and comment here. ❤


Gleaming Alligators for Ailsa’s Travel Theme

Ailsa’s Travel Theme ‘Gleaming’, reminded me of this image shot in Costa Rica as we boated down the river one sunny afternoon. Mr. Cayman looked to be swimming in molten gold. I couldn’t quite reach out and touch him, but not far off.


Here are a few baby alligators I saw at the Wakodahatchee Wetlands just down the road here. I did polish them up just a bit to make them ‘gleam for the theme’, but I’m sure their Mom would still recognise them.


Do you have any gleaming images? Just click the lips below to add yours.


‘Thursday Doors’ and ‘Two Different Treatments’ in Key West

Our hotel in Key West was right on the beach. If when you come down from your room in the elevator you turn right, you will miss these rather pretty doors and end up either at the pool or on the family beach.


Should you happen to turn left when you emerge from the elevator, you will find yourself out in the sunshine and on a small topless bathing beach. Hope you like my crimson colour saturation for this photo edit.


This post is tagged to Nancy’s ‘ Photo a Week – One Photo Two Treatments’ challenge, and also to Norm’s ‘Thursday Doors’ challenge.