One Word Sunday: Not Real, But Ethereal

Debbie’s ‘One Word Sunday‘ theme brought to mind two ethereal lions I have seen and photographed.

This ethereal lion was a part of the boardwalk in our local nature reserve at Green Cay. We always looked out for him when visiting, but unfortunately some of the wooden planks have been recently replaced and Mr Leo has disappeared. I hope one of the workmen noticed his distinguished leonine face and took him home for pride of place on his bar, instead of tossing him on some dump.

The second lion was seen at a local art exhibition in January 2019. This is some very fancy lion indeed, created by Columbian artist Federico Uribe. Entitled “Love”, the sculpture is mainly made up of bullet shell cases. In Columbia, violence is an all too common part of daily life. Federico now lives in the US where sadly, there is also an epidemic of gun violence. Symbols of such violence take on a somewhat whimsical nature as this talented artist creates wonderful animal sculptures from ammunition, interspersed with symbols of peace such as butterflies and hearts.

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I hope your Sunday is a peaceful and happy one.

Feathers On Friday: A Congregation Of Ibises

Yesterday our local gang of ibises descended in our backyard. These gorgeous pure white birds vary their feeding ground and move around in great numbers. Obviously yesterday wasn’t a good day for any worms or grubs which were hitherto happily ensconced in our grass.

Those long beaks are merciless in their search for food, and the diners were oblivious to me as I took a couple of photos from my bathroom window.

I hope you’re having a happy Friday and that your weekend will be relaxing and carefree. My hip is totally healed and feels better than normal. Yay for good surgeons! Whatever would we do without them?