Mrs Edison in the Garden, for Jude’s Bench Challenge

Mina Miller, born July 6th 1865, was the seventh of eleven children, and became Thomas Edison’s second wife in February 1886. She met her future husband at the home of a mutual friend of her inventor father Ezra Gilliland and Thomas Edison. The story goes that Edison taught his ladylove Morse code, so that they could converse in secret even in front of her family, and that he actually proposed to her in Morse code. Her answer to his proposal was “-.— . …”

Here is a sculpture of her sitting on a concrete bench in the Edison Heritage Garden in Fort Myers. She would have felt right at home here, as she had a great love for the tranquility of formal gardens and created really beautiful ones in the grounds of their extensive winter estate.


Click here to participate in Jude’s ‘Bench Challenge’.


71 comments on “Mrs Edison in the Garden, for Jude’s Bench Challenge

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  2. hmmm, this got me thinking. Why would he want to converse secretly in front of her family? Strikes me as pretty rude! If my daughters brought home a chap who wasn’t able to talk openly I’d be telling him to sling his hook. I think this got my goat going this morning!

  3. I took my grandson there in October and he participated in the “young inventors tour”. They even made rubber. Fascinating place and history. She really looks content sitting on her garden bench.

  4. A bench challenge. lol I like that and looked at the challenge. I have a poem about a bench…..who knows?
    We usually just read the cold facts about Edison as a genius inventor and forget the human side. Really interesting about the code. 🙂

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