Creepiest heads for the WPC

This week’s photo challenge, ‘Creepy’ had me remembering a couple of tourist ‘attractions’ which I’m sure could be classed as ‘Creepy’.

We were ‘privileged’ to see these shrunken heads at a museum in Ecuador. Apparently, shrinking the head of an enemy was believed to harness the spirit of that person, and to compel him to serve the ‘shrinker’. It was also believed to prevent the soul from returning to take vengeance. Did you ever watch that movie ‘Honey, I shrunk the kids’?


Note that the hair is still nicely styled. How creepy is that?


In downtown Lima, Peru, below the ‘Convento de San Francisco’, along some secret and creepy passageways, are catacombs containing an Ossuary in which are the bones of some 70,000 people.


They are lined up along narrow hallways, and one area contains several large and deep holes, filled with bones and skulls neatly arranged above each other in circular patterns.


Now if you thought these were creepy pictures, what about this one? Our teenage grandson decided to creep everyone out when he took part in a charity walk in Johannesburg. Are you surprised that no-one wanted to sit next to him on the bus travelling to the start of the walk?


If you can bear to see more creepiness on this Monday morning, just click the WPC link below. Have a great week. 🙂


84 comments on “Creepiest heads for the WPC

  1. Your grandson isn’t creepy, just cute. When I was little my local museum always had a shrunken head on display. It fascinated me but scared me senseless at the same time!

  2. Ugh…….you get my award….this whole post creeps me out (though the grandson at least has potential to be un-creeped at some point). 🙂

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