Bench Series #49: In an English Country Churchyard

In Jude’s final month of her Bench Series, she has graciously permitted us to post photos of any old bench, so here’s one I’ve been dying to show you, but which didn’t seem to fit any of the other categories. This old stone and wood bench was in such a peaceful setting in the grounds of the Anglican Church of St. Thomas of Canterbury in Camelford, Corwall. This green stone and slate church was built in the 1930’s, and it looks like the seat on the right hand side of the bench needs a bit of repair work before anyone can sit on it.


If you have any odd bench photos, now’s your chance to use them up, and if you’re like me, to clear them off your desktop where they’ve been languishing for months.


67 comments on “Bench Series #49: In an English Country Churchyard

  1. I just played a bit of catch up from a busy week, Sylvia. Maybe need to spend more time reading others posts but yours are so refreshing it made a great way to start my Saturday! 🙂

  2. How unusual, but then Cornwall is full of gothic beauty. Such a pretty, unusual bench Sylvia although I wouldn’t sit on it for fear of it collapsing 😉 xx

    • I’m happy you like this one, YC. I suppose they had to somehow carve niches in the stone for the wood to fit into. I think the side that’s broken, the stone must have given way. Maybe someone very heavy sat on it. 🙂

  3. Love the church and how convenient of them to place a bench there. I do hope someone comes along and mends it. If you have a surfeit of benches Sylvia, then why not create a collage or a gallery?

  4. Oh my that is an ancient bench! One might be afraid ot sit on it for fear of toppling the antique.
    I just have to comment, that those who don’t shovel snow are the ones who like to have it fluttering on their blogs. 🙂

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