Wordless Wednesday: Still Full Of Fun At 105.

On her 105th Birthday, my dear mom-in-law poses with her card from the Queen.


After three months away, we’re finally back home again. It’s very nice to go travelling, but there’s definitely ‘no place like home’. Happy Wednesday to you all.

107 comments on “Wordless Wednesday: Still Full Of Fun At 105.

  1. OMG … GOD BLESS !!!
    She is a wonderful example of what the beauty of LOVE will do to ones
    life. I’m sure her heart is filled with the adoring love of her family especially her son. May she continue to enjoy the beauty of everyones adoring love.
    Happy Birthday 💐

  2. God Bless Her, she looks wonderful…love her big smile and holding the birthday card from the Queen. Welcome home! I know travel is wonderful, especially when visiting family and friends, but it is always nice to get back home.

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