Feathers On Friday: What A Poser!

Mr. GBH has now taken over the perch vacated by Perry pelican who has, now that Florida’s weather has really started to heat up in readiness for what will undoubtedly be another searing summer, flown off on his journey back to cooler climes

My first shot today, caught him unawares and he therefore looks quite boringly stream-lined,

but when he became aware that he was being photographed for my blog, he decided to pull out all the stops and do his full frontal yoga pose, together with a slight left turn of his head to show his best side. You have to admire his special brand of pizazz. He’s a real natural.

Wishing you all a most relaxing weekend.

50 comments on “Feathers On Friday: What A Poser!

  1. Great fun to see your GBH friend’s posing stances today, Sylvia. I also really like the Floridian tree in the background, so much tropicalness here, it’s lovely.

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  3. Sylvia – Mr. GBH has the most amazing profile. He reminds me of a ballet dancer, Mikhail Baryshnikov, when he spreads his wings. He is a handsome fellow that knows how to attract attention. You have a wonderful way of capturing beauty, Sylvia. It is a joy to see your posts in my reader!

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