Mundane Monday : Anyone for a round of Golf?

So, it’s official……….Mr. A isn’t the only alligator around here. Yesterday, whilst he was sunning himself on the opposite bank,


we spotted two more, just a short distance away on our side of the lake, right next to the the golf course! All three clearly visible from our patio.


Maybe I can kidnap one and take him over to the new place, without anyone noticing. What do you think of the plan? I’m sure the removals truck will be big enough, and there’ll be two strong guys to help lift him. On the other hand, if the two laying next to one another here are an item, there could well be some babies. Perhaps it’s a good job we’re moving .

I’m linking this to Photrablogger’s ‘Mundane Monday’ challenge. I’ve gotten so used to seeing Mr. A hanging around here, that the sight of his relatives is quite mundane. What a handsome lot they are! Wishing you all a very happy February. I think mine is going to be anything but mundane, the way things are shaping up. 🙂