Gothic Splendour for B&W Sunday

Paula’s ‘B&W Sunday’ challenge for this week, is ‘Religious Building’. The magnificent pink sandstone, Gothic style facade of the ‘Cathedral of Our Lady of Strasbourg’, also looks really splendid in B&W.


It’s one of the most memorable religious buildings I’ve ever seen, and if you would like to see it in glorious colour, together with my photos of the inside of the cathedral, you can click this link.

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65 comments on “Gothic Splendour for B&W Sunday

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  2. When I first lay my eyes on this fantastic shot, I thought it was a French Gothic cathedral, not in Paris, but close :), and I was right! I will take a moment before I click your colour version πŸ™‚ Fabulous, Sylvia! Did you climb to the top?

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