A Fine Balancing Act

Hope you’re staying on top of things and not letting the lock-down get to you. Mr GBH has the right idea. He’s executing a fine balancing act and in doing so, seeing things from a different perspective.


How I would love to be able to fly up there and keep an eye on the whole neighbourhood from a really safe distance.



65 comments on “A Fine Balancing Act

  1. Hope your Easter is filled with pleasant surprises, Sylvia.

    We are going to the beach to try and go for an “essential” walk (while maintaining social distancing). 😯

  2. He is definitely top of the class! Sorry, I’m doing Becky’s square top challenge and see tops everywhere! Great photo Sylvia. Hope you are keeping well, and the family. Must be quite scary for them.

  3. An interesting post indeed and a timely one …

    I think, most of us under lock down are eagerly waiting for an opportunity to fly πŸ™‚

    As we enter the third week of lock down in India, I believe I have made the best use of it so far …

    Reading books, working out after years of planning, spending time at vegetable farming and of course back to blogging πŸ™‚

    Hope, things will take a positive turn soon and humanity will learn a few lessons from this pandemic …

      • Not YOUR spindly legs, silly, GBH! But I’m glad you’re getting out every morning. I alternate mornings with walking and yoga, although I get a reasonable amount of walking and lifting done with unpacking, housework, and the like!

        I do laugh sometimes when I read “GBH”, as in Britain at least at some time, that meant “grievous bodily harm” and people got arrested for it in books that I read. πŸ™‚

      • We do a 3 mile round trip every morning, so are keeping fit and have even lost a bit of weight, which I don’t need, but hubby does. I think we’ll keep it up even when the gym reopens. Yes, housework and shopping also burns the calories. Mr GBH’s beak can really do some grievous bodily harm to the poor fishies. 😒

  4. Mr. GBH has learned that life is a balancing act that allows for amazing possibilities. Thank you Sylvia and Mr. GBH for reminding me that when I embrace a β€œbalanced” approach, I will be able to see the world is a broader, more wholistic way.

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