One Word Sunday: Splash

Debbie’s ‘One Word Sunday’ this week, is ‘Splash’.

Here’s Mr. Peli making quite a splash as he lands

“Whee! The Pelican has landed.”

and then takes off again.

“How’s this for a perfect vertical takeoff?”

Wishing us all a wonderful week.

To join Debbie’s ‘Splash Challenge’, just click the link.

69 comments on “One Word Sunday: Splash

  1. Mr Peli must have gone ‘Whee whee whee’ the entire time playing in the water. Looks like he is right at home. Brilliant shots of your feathered friends as usual, Sylvia. Hope you are doing well, and stay safe 😊

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  3. I feel that we are learning to splash in our new reality. What was it that Joseph Campbell said so eloquently β€œIf you are falling….dive.” Here is go…..SPLASH…….

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