Great Blue Heron mourns his mate

I saw a really sad sight on entering the Green Cay Wetlands a few days ago. A Great Blue Heron was standing guard over the remains of another one who had evidently met an untimely death. There were dozens of people on the boardwalk taking photos, but he just remained absolutely motionless, looking so distraught and disheveled. I felt really sorry for him, as he was obviously grieving and didn’t want to leave his mate.


I wonder what happened. Maybe an alligator.

122 comments on “Great Blue Heron mourns his mate

  1. It`s very sad when you see things like this as quite a few animals mate for life. I have two pigeons that for the last two years have come down in the garden as a pair and have nested on the property to produce offspring. The male got one foot caught up in some fishing line but I couldn`t catch it so he lost a toe, but the female is still with him.They are now steeling the left over cat food from out feral cat as we don`t feed them now as the male is fully functional, but they still come twice a day. :-).

      • Yes, it seems like they will always make a plan.I like to think that the male having good food was probably better than catching it and taking the fishing line off because it has recovered and just has one toe missing.I know they are the same ones because they let me walk within inches of them where the other pigeons fly away when you move.

    • It’s starting to slow down I just dropped off two of my pieces of art for a show that starts in the beginning o February, I am so excited, I have a very long threshold for excitement and I just over joyed.thank for you visiting it’s always nice to meet new people
      As always Sheldon

  2. Yes, this is very, very sad. Animals may not feel the emotions we do, or perhaps they do, but there must be some type of mourning. A friend once told me that blue herons mate for life. I wonder if this is a blue heron. : ( I agree with you it may have been an alligator. Though, I wonder why it didn’t eat it …? Very sad !!! : (

  3. We tend to think that we alone are capable of mourning a lost love—whilst many will say that he simply has his foot stuck in a hole (or some similar pap response).
    Put me down for love …

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