Meet the new neighbours

Over at the ‘new’ house that hubby is working on, we have a family of iguanas in our backyard. They are really rather large, and I hope they stay outside and don’t decide to pay neighbourly visits like the little lizzies have a habit of doing. Yesterday I found an 8 inch lizard in the bath tub, which wasn’t ideal, but I would totally freak out if I found one of these dragony creatures in the shower with me. I was reading that they can grow to 5 or 6 feet!

I took these photos through the window so as not to disturb them. This is Iggy who must be the big daddy.


Igua is the mommy, and she’s only slightly smaller.


There are at least three younger ones, who were hidden in the long grass. I was wondering if these creatures are harmful to gardens, and read that besides eating weeds, insects and smaller reptiles, they also like to feed on such plants as orchids, bougainvillea and other garden shrubs, which won’t make me very happy at all. They can also deliver a very nasty bite if one gets too close. I think Mr. A could be a much more preferable neighbour as at least he mostly stays in the water.


Do you have any interesting ‘backyardigan’ critters?

121 comments on “Meet the new neighbours

  1. We have too many squirrels and chipmunks to count and in the winter a close neighbor feeds a herd of deer which doesn’t make me too happy both from the damage and the ticks departments. 🙂 Here’s hoping you don’t get any visitors except those you extend an invite to.

  2. These are indeed interesting neighbours.
    We have the neighbour’s 2 cats who spend a lot of time with us, and who don’t seem to remember who they belong to, especially at food time :-).

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