Cee’s FFC: ‘Painted’ in Costa Rica

For Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge ‘Anything Painted’, I thought you might enjoy the colourful artwork we saw in the little town of Sarchi, known throughout Costa Rica for its intricate arts and crafts.


Sarchi is also famous for creating the ‘Worlds Largest Oxcart’, a huge brightly painted ‘Carreta’ that sits in the Parque Central in front of the church. This masterpiece was built in 2006  and got the town’s name into the Guinness Book of Records.


Another gorgeous example of artistry is the Catholic church, built in the 1950’s and painted pink and blue.


If you think the outside is pretty, just look at the inside, which is all hand painted and absolutely beautiful.


I hope you enjoyed my painted pics. If you have some to share, just click Cee’s fun badge below.







72 comments on “Cee’s FFC: ‘Painted’ in Costa Rica

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  3. I love that bright orange circle it just glows and the interior of the church is charming, as for that huge cart it would take a big team of horses/bullocks to tow it along…

  4. I love the colours here, Sylvia. There is a bit of a ‘colouring in’ rage going on in Australia at the moment. Adults buying colouring in books and going nuts with different coloured pens and posting their ‘art work’ on social media. I’m not into it, but the art work here from Costa Rica really reminds me of it. These pictures just go to show there’s nothing like the real thing! 😀

  5. They really DO know how to enjoy colour there Sylvia ! A somewhat more lively and bright interior than other Catholic Churches I’ve seen 🙂 Super pictures .

  6. Wow, the artwork on the ceiling inside the Catholic church is impressive! Can’t imagine how long it would have taken them to complete the work, and it is beautiful!

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