All done and dusted

So…… on Wednesday, the couple who came to view our home, just adored everything about it, and made us a cash offer at asking price on the spot. This of course is great, but the proviso that we move out by February 13th was less than ideal, especially as our son and his family were due to arrive on the evening of the 13th. Hmm……..we hesitated but only for a moment, as this offer was too good to miss, and one never looks a gift horse in the mouth…….right? Our nice Realtor lady bought us a bit more time until the 19th, but I think our son has decided to make other plans now, as he realises that life could be a trifle hectic here for the next few weeks. It looks as though we’ll be living in our new place much sooner than anticipated, kitchen or no kitchen. One of my friends said that having ‘no kitchen’ would suit her just fine, as she hates cooking. Another widowed friend has a dishcloth hanging on her oven door which proclaims.”My kitchen looks so new because it’s never been used.” Well, that’s not me, as I love to cook, but I think I’ll be able to cope for a couple of months without it. I guess we could have a barbecue with salad every day, or eat at the club, so we certainly won’t starve.

It’s been raining steadily for the past three days and the level of the lake has risen quite a lot. I saw what I thought was Mr, GBH walking on water, and then realised he was actually standing on the grass.


A very special visitor was Miss Rosy spoonbill. She arrived unannounced, went to chat to Woody at the far end of the lake, and then popped over to me for a quick photo.


Then she decided to fly across and consult with Great Egret about getting ‘digs’ for the night, but he was too intent on catching himself some supper.


Mr. A just totally ignored her as he wallowed in the shallows where he’d been for most of the day.


I haven’t seen her again, so maybe she’s gone somewhere where the neighbours are more friendly.

The bright-eyed Small Blue Heron was also a first sighting. He’s so dapper in his shiny suit, a real snappy chappy who looks like he wouldn’t miss a trick.


Talking about ‘not missing a trick’, the eagle-eyed Home Inspector is coming to have a thorough look at our house on Monday, so the trick is to anticipate any defects he might find, and fix them before he arrives. That will be hubby’s job this weekend.

Wishing you all a relaxing weekend. Unfortunately I’m feeling really achy and have a bad cough. I think I may have a bout of flu, which is something I really don’t need right now, so I’m going back to bed and will catch up with you all when I’m feeling a bit better.

I’m linking this post to Charlotte’s ‘Feathers on Friday’ weekly challenge.


144 comments on “All done and dusted

  1. That’s great news Sylvia, and how can you not refuse an offer like that? Your feathered friends are so beautiful, you will miss them, but maybe they’ll fly over to visit. Along with Mr A heading over 😉 Not quite what you planned with moving in so fast to your not quite ready home, but nice not to have the worry of selling your other place to worry about at the last minute. I expect hubby will be working at twice the speed now! 🙂 xx

    • Thanks so much, Sherri. I’ve already seen a Great Blue as well as Anhingas, a Limpkin and a couple of Brown Pelicans over at the new house, so I’ll find plenty of wildlife to photograph. Not forgetting the Iguanas and the Opossum we saw in our tree last year. 🙂 Yes, Hubby is working away with renewed vigour. He’s really enjoying himself. Love him to bits. ❤ xx

      • Wonderful! Oh yes, of course, you have the other wildlife too 🙂 Hubby is a wonder, but you don’t need me to tell you that 🙂 xo

  2. You must be both relieved to get the house sold and now excited about and maybe a bit apprehensive about the move. Hope it is Barbie weather over there, or you have some handy clubs and restaurants. I’ll look forward to meeting all your new feathered neighbours when you move. Are you near water? Your son and family will be looking forward to seeing you, and you to seeing them, when you are finally settled. Take care of the flu, take lots of vitamin c and rest my friend till it goes away.

    • Thanks so much, Pauline. I’m feeling so much better, and am just left with a cough, which always tends to linger with me. 😦 Our club has great restaurants, and yes we can always barbie, or braai as we say in South Africa. I’m getting really excited about the move now, and yes, we have a beautiful view over water. 🙂

  3. Ooh, lucky you! I’d love to move, but I can’t see it happening any time soon. I wonder where you’re going to? I’ve probably missed it somewhere here! Good luck wiht it all. A shame not to see your son, but I hope that can be remedied soon.

  4. I’m so happy that you got an all cash offer…and your asking price. I know that you would have loved more time for the move but you can’t turn something like that down. I hope you feel better soon. Take care my friend. 🙂

  5. No wonder you’ve gotten sick, Sylvia; though it’s an exciting time, I’m sure it’s also a stressful one. I hope you’re back on your feet soon… You have a lot to do in the next couple of weeks, after all! Wonderful that you got an offer you couldn’t refuse on your home. Now you’ve answered the questions I asked on your “Optimistic” post, so obviously you don’t need to bother answering. I’m sure you’ll be able to live without a kitchen. As I said in another comment, we’re going to be going through the same thing before long with our kitchen and deck/laundry room renovation. We’ll both be in the same boat. Have fun with all the changes, and feel better!

    • Thanks so much, Cathy. I’m really glad the selling part is over. It is quite stressful having to keep the place ready for viewing at short notice. One day, the Realtor, who has a key, arrived with people when I was in the shower. 🙂 She thought she’d arranged it with me, but she hadn’t. It was quite a surreal experience as you can imagine. Thankfully, the other people didn’t see me. 😀 Good luck with your renovations. xx

      • I know what you mean about always having to keep the house looking good for potential buyers, Sylvia. I’m sure you’re glad that’s over. I bet it was a very surreal experience, having strangers walk into your house while you were in the shower! Crazy! Thanks for the good wishes on the renovation; we need to get busy making so many decisions, and I don’t know why, but we are dragging our feet. 🙂

  6. So many gorgeous birds Sylvia. I have never seen a Pink Spoonbill – amazing! Congratulations on having such a good offer on your house. And regarding a kitchen. When I owned an apartment in NYC, I seriously considered converting my kitchen into a second bedroom and would have done so if I didn’t think it would hurt the resale value :-). Enjoy your time without a kitchen in the new home, you will have one soon enough

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