House Reno Update

Well, my piano arrived yesterday, and almost right on time. Hubby had made a sterling effort over the weekend to get the wood flooring down in that area, and on Sunday evening we unwrapped the carpet which we’d shipped all the way from South Africa. His parents bought it for us about 25 years ago when they came to visit, and it still looks almost like new.


When the piano guys arrived, they had to move it out of the way to tip up the piano and fit the legs on.


Soon it was done and put in place under the domed ceiling which hubby had so laboriously crafted and painted.




The underneath of the chandelier, which came in many pieces and took half a day to assemble. There are fifteen candle-lamps in it.


I was quite surprised at how long the piano is. It’s 7 ft, but didn’t look so big in the store.


Today, hubby is finishing off the floor in the kitchen and in a few days we’ll be able to put the refrigerator and dishwasher in place. All the painting is done, and the cupboards and granite tops are in, so I’ll soon be able to start unpacking boxes, and in a few days we’ll have a working kitchen


The dining room is still unfinished, but is next on the ‘to do’ list.


The TV room, sitting room and study just need the floor done, and there’s still all the skirting boards to put in and the pillars to paint and a few other finishing touches.


Here are some of the rooms which he finished before we moved in. Those of you who’ve been following me over the past couple of years, may remember what the ‘abandoned’ house was like when we bought it. It’s been a long journey from this , but the end is in sight.

Apart from the new roof, doors and windows, the work has all been done by one pair of very hardworking hands. Hats off to hubby.

Hope you’re all having a great Tuesday. Now I’m going to feed the worker.




151 comments on “House Reno Update

  1. Hats off to Hubby indeed!!!!! A toast to his efforts. Cheers! …. (clink)

    Kitchen is looking great … is that dark tin on the ceiling? …. and I imagine you are excited to have a piano again!

  2. omg Sylvia what a transformation. really moving along now. i love the piano and the room ,that ceiling is so lovely , every thing looks beautiful.
    im a bit behind as usual. my plate is pretty full at the moment with family obligations. im sure glad i tuned in today..even for a brief moment. take care Sylvia

  3. Wow. My mouth is open in wonder at the beauty you two are creating. That rug is absolutely gorgeous, and fits in perfectly with the room, the piano, and the lovely ambiance you’re creating in your new spaces. FABULOUS..

  4. This house renovation has been an incredible project and the fact that Mr C has done this all himself is amazing. A real labour of love. The piano looks great in its new home Sylvia. A beautiful piano I know you are going to enjoy for many years to come! πŸ™‚

  5. First of all, I love the dome’s painting with patterns like marbling and bamboo sticks, just such a fantastic way to create art above music. This is a lovely vision with your black grand piano and the South African floral designed carpet.
    I remember the way your husband had the beams and like a multiple handed clock hands to create the domed ceiling. I showed it to several craftsmen and friends who were all impressed at how efficient and useful his engineering came into use! πŸ™‚
    Your husband is amazing! The posts and columns, the woodwork and the “tin roof” ceiling in the kitchen are outstanding craftsmanship. Your kitchen is gorgeous, Sylvia!

  6. Your home is a literal dream home. I am obsessed with everything. I don’t need a pinterest board for the home when I can just look at this post! Haha. Thanks for sharing your lovely, lovely home!

  7. Sylvia the transformation is nothing short of miraculous! I remember the original post but went back just to be sure. WOW!! You must be so excited. Is Hubby exhausted or perhaps overjoyed? The piano looks perfect and that kitchen! So gorgeous.

  8. Wow, Sylvia! First I’ve got to credit your hubby for such an AMAZING work he’s done [doing]! Your piano sits on the PERFECT spot, just perfect! Tuning is next and then it’s ready to fill your house with music! Joy! πŸ™‚ xx

  9. What a fantastic job hubby has done, Sylvia! I love the way you say the piano didn’t look that big in the store – lol (things like that happen to me all the time). The house is magnificent xxxx

    • Thanks, Dianne. He’s doing a great job here. I guess the piano looked smaller because it was holding its breath, crammed in between a few others. When it was freed at last, it was able to breathe out again. πŸ™‚

  10. I hope the piano doesn’t sulk after the move!
    Just when I was feeling fairly pleased with some of my recent achievements, you highlight that next to your hubby I am strictly amateursville! *sob*

  11. It is Beautiful, Sylvia. I can see you there…the two of you. How wonderful to see it develop and grow…your husband is a gem and you have such good taste and style – love the rug for the magnificent piano as well. Now you can play also for your friends of four feet, not only two feet – I bet they will love it too . You must be very happy with the outcome of this!

  12. What a fantastic achievement so far Sylvia , great team work and such a talented husband . High 5 to you both ! It’s looking very splendid with your piano taking centre stage πŸ˜‰

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