Friday’s Feathers: Mr. Yellow Feet

Snowy the egret strutted his stuff past my bathroom window. “Just so you know…..yellow feet are quite in vogue this year.”


The sight of his yellow foot gear brought back long-ago memories ofย  Miss Stone, my English Grammar School headmistress. I and my fellow pupils were quite intrigued by her somewhat scruffy attire. She invariably wore thick, yellow, ribbed stockings with her brown tweed skirt and a red cardigan which sported a hole in one elbow. I remember wondering whether she washed the stockings every night, ready for the next day. One day, my sister, whilst on her way to her singing lesson, spotted Miss Stone striding along the pavement, still wearing the same clothes, but with a spade over her shoulder. We assumed that she was going to dig in her allotment, not bury a dead body, but we never could be sure.

Wishing you all a pleasant weekend.

55 comments on “Friday’s Feathers: Mr. Yellow Feet

  1. รจ stata una divertentissima esperienza quella di conoscere ( per cosรฌ dire) quella strana professoressa che ha fatto passarein secondo piano la simpatica garzetta! a proposoto il suo passo mi ricorda il passo dell’oca delle armate di Hitler, non trovi?

  2. A beauty – and those yellow feet! I smiled reading your teacher story…because we had a French teacher with a massive volume of hair in a loaf swaying above her head – and yellow wellies! your egret is the star here. I wish you a great weekend too.

  3. I love this story about Miss Stone Sylvia! You paint wonderful images with your words. Great photo too, because it’s not always easy to highlight those fabulous yellow feet. Love that strut….

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