B&W Sunday Layers: Sushi-to-go

Paula’s B&W Sunday Challenge this week, asks for ‘Layers’.

The Osprey who flies over our lake, snagged himself a really good sushi breakfast which he took back to the layers of tall trees to finish off.Β  No sharing for him!


This is the beginning of a very busy and exciting week for hubby and I. I’ll pop in to visit you when I can. Hope your week is a good one.



71 comments on “B&W Sunday Layers: Sushi-to-go

      • Rats! I was sooooo excited to see a Bald Eagle down there. We have them here in the winter months. They’re so amazing to watch. They nest near our house by the river. Well, an Osprey is quite impressive, too!

  1. I like the processing – and I’m with you on the frustrations of not having enough zoom power. It’s a really nice shot, even at this range, especially with that fresh catch. It looks much more like an Osprey to me than a Bald eagle. The marking on the head, the white underneath. They’re both fabulous sushi eaters, and exciting to watch!

    • Thanks so much for your input, Lynn. I just looked again at the colour photo, and I believe you’re correct in your identification. I see that the Bald Eagle has black leg feathers, not white. I’ve just always assumed they were eagles flying overhead. It’s good to learn something new. πŸ™‚

  2. the bird is wonderful – but the verticals in the branches really had a cool feel – and the edit too.

    and hope your busy week is enjoyable and talk to you later amiga

  3. Wow Sylvia! I’m thinking National Geographic is going to start knocking on your door. Wonderful capture! Good luck with all of your tasks and please don’t feel you need to drop by. I’m always happy for your visits when they are convenient. Xo

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  5. I would be very surprised to see him throw you a bite. He is very focused on his meal. Quite a capture, Sylvia. Thank you for sharing and letting me know your news. Just take it easy, if you can πŸ˜‰

  6. Wow. I can’t believe all the wildlife you manage to capture down there! You must constantly be at your windows! Very cool shot. Hope your busy week is still a good one!

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