WPC Atop: Of The Rock

Just outside our kitchen window is the rather sad remains of a water feature and rockery. Now that our ‘abandoned house’ renovations are almost completed, this area will soon be enclosed in the new screen room which is now under construction. We intend to put some Koi in the pond and build a nice rockery around it. Unfortunately for our wildlife creatures, they will no longer be able to sit ‘atop the rock’. I’ve so enjoyed photographing each and every one as they’ve posed for me here.

Samantha squirrel often sat atop there to eat her breakfast.


Sammy also liked sitting there, when he wasn’t busy dashing up and down palm trees.


Rockstar Iggy, so enjoyed displaying his finery atop the rock.


Grandpa Igasho often took the opportunity of showing off his handsome visage and especially his mohawk, atop the rock.


Sweet little Anatole, enjoyed sunning himself whilst displaying his dewlap, atop the rock.


Basil the Brown Basilisk often sat atop the rock, dreaming of finding true love.


I guess it will be the end of an era, once the construction is finished. There’ll be no more photos taken through my kitchen window. I think I’ll be rather sad about that, and so will my gorgeous visitors, but at least I’ll no longer be tempted to have a go at cutting their toenails.


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120 comments on “WPC Atop: Of The Rock

  1. Your wildlife photos are just stunning Sylvia. How your beautiful visitors will miss sitting atop their special rock, but I’m sure they will soon find another place on which to pose for you…and we will be just as happy to see them there when they do πŸ™‚ xxx
    PS I clicked over to your ‘abandoned house’ post, remembering it so well but couldn’t remember how long ago…and to think it’s almost finished! Can’t wait to see the after pics! ❀

  2. You are rocking with these portraits of your fabulous visitors, Sylvia. I love the iguanas– amazing. (I think that’s what they are…) Really cool looking! πŸ™‚

  3. I’m sure your friends will find a new high point on which to perch. And don’t be so sure that you can keep pesky squirrels out, whatever screen you construct. They’re sneaky, clever little blighters when they want to be!

  4. Aww, changes are sometimes harder for us than the sweet creatures you have close by, Sylvia. They’ll adjust and find a new place to perch! πŸ™‚
    I like that Sammy is so cute with his young white tummy. Sometimes I want to see if I can tickle him or even Samantha. . . The lizards and iguanas seem to want to show you their spikes and throats. Their spunky attitude just makes me smile! Have a fantastic weekend, to you and the hubby! xo

  5. You have such interesting neighbours Sylvia! A few squirrels, very mischievous, and some ravens, rooks, crows, I’m not sure keep me entertained especially now spring is springing and they’re all so busy but they pale into insignificance given the colourful characters you entertain! πŸ˜€

  6. Yes, your multicolored menagerie will definitely need to find a new place to park themselves. I know you will enjoy the Koi, they are such lovely fish.

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  8. I do think squirrels are very cute, although I know they are a nuisance in so many places. My favourite photos are of Rock star Iggy, very well named, and Grandpa Igasho is incredible, straight out of the dinosaur age, quite magnificent. You will have to go hunting for photos soon!

  9. Amazing close ups, Sylvia 😊 Iggy looks every bit of the poser he looks like 😊 Maybe you can build a small, mini mountain top for him to strut about. He wouldn’t stop πŸ˜‚

  10. Quite beautiful I wonder how you manage to get anything done (let alone cooked) with so many beautiful distractions outside the window.
    (Same happened to me as a child in West Africa, there was always so much going on in the garden I rarely could finish my homework on time…) πŸ™‚

  11. ha ha ma perchΓ© vuoi tagΓ²iare loro le unghie dei piedi? sai bene che sono parte essenziale dele loro modo di essere….ma so bene che stavi scherzando! certo che sarΓ  un grande dispiacere non avere piΓΉ queste grandi immagini ravvicinate ma sono certa che troverai il modo di farci avere ancora immagini delle tue creure bellissime e spettacolari
    un saluto molto affettuoso Annalisa

    • You know my sense of humour, Annalisa. I do love to make people smile when they read my blog. I’m sure I can still come up with photos, but maybe from a different angle. πŸ™‚ Happy weekend to you. xx πŸ™‚

  12. LOL on the toenails. Personally if I were you I’d work REALLY hard to find a way to give them a new perch. Too good to miss even if the new porch is amazing!! Wonderful captures

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