B&W Shoes and Feet at the Beach for Cee’s Challenge

“Anything with shoes or feet as the main focus of your photo” is Cee’s B&W Challenge this week.

I’ve chosen to be nostalgic and take a look at some shots from my beach in Umhlanga Rocks.Β  I’m really missing those almost daily walks along the promenade, when I could do a bit of people watching.


There were many different kinds of beach attire to be seen, but bare feet were usually the order of the day.


It was a great place to relax and read the Sunday papers,


or to just veg out and do nothing.


The perfect place to take the family pets for a walk.


If your feet get tired,Β  just kick off your shoes and watch the waves for a while.


The more energetic would go running along the promenade,


but the majority were more than content just to have a bit of relaxation from the daily grind.


I hope you’ve enjoyed my B&W trip down memory lane, or should that be “memory beach?” πŸ˜•


62 comments on “B&W Shoes and Feet at the Beach for Cee’s Challenge

  1. this post is also a celebration of people – I just loved the hints of each personality you showed us from each photo – with their stance and clothing articles – so cool!

  2. Oh the lovely beach with it’s warm sand. My toes can almost feel it…well once they thaw from my recent sidewalk snow shoveling. πŸ™‚ Gorgeous captures Sylvia.

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