Merry England Here I Come

I’m almost packed, and tonight we fly off to the UK.


One case is crammed full of Christmas pressies, wrapping paper, labels, ribbon and sticky tape. I decided not to wrap everything here because if the security should decide to choose my case for a thorough examination, they will most probably open some of the most suspicious parcels and I’ll have to start over again. I remember when on our way to our son’s wedding in California, we had to recheck our bags at San Francisco, the guys insisted on having a close look at all the wedding presents we had brought over from South African relatives, with the result that the glass in a beautiful photo frame got cracked, and a box containing an Irish crystal vase got destroyed. There’s one present for my 16-year-old grandson who collects beanies, which should raise a smile. The message really suits his personality, and mine too at times.


I’m sure I won’t have any time to blog, as family will be the priorityΒ  for the next week or so. Wishing you all a very merry Christmas and happy holidays. Hope Santa doesn’t get stuck in your chimney. 😳


129 comments on “Merry England Here I Come

  1. Hi Sylvia, I’m not back to blogging properly (heck, I haven’t posted since signing off before Christmas) but I miss you, so I wanted to pop in and say hi. I hope you had a wonderful time in merry old England. I love the beanie, everyone in my family would happily wear that! I remember having to keep gifts unwrapped with travelling back and forth between the UK and USA. Hope no breakages this time and you all had a super time, and a very Happy New Year to you my dear friend πŸ™‚ ❀

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