Cee’s FFC: Color Of Your Choice

My colour of choice for this Valentine’s Day is of course ‘Red’.

A handsome Red Cardinal showing off his Valentine outfit.


Anatole the backyard Anole lizard, displaying his red dewlap which is meant to lure in females during the mating season.


Beautiful, romantic sunset seen from Sunset Beach Hawaii.


From the sublime to the ridiculous:

Hubby and son-in-law spoofing around one evening after movies in Johannesburg.


You too can join in with Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge.





48 comments on “Cee’s FFC: Color Of Your Choice

  1. Your husband and s-i-l look very much alike from that angle and what a fun photo. πŸ™‚ I love cardinals and this time of year here is a great time to see them, especially when they show up against the snow. It’s also easier to see them in the leafless trees.


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