Six Word Saturday: Iguanas haven’t discovered my orchid yet.

Went out to inspect my orchid this morning, and am pleased to report that it┬áhasn’t been munched, and is really making splendid progress.


Thankfully Mr. Iggy and family mostly stay in the backyard.


The defunct rock water feature seems to be a favourite sunbathing spot amongst the reptiles living here.


They also love this tree stump.


Hubby told me found this one inside the house a couple of days ago and chased it out the door.


My almost dead orchid which had been forgotten about and left to fend for itself in the garage after we moved, has been rescued and tied to the palm tree outside my bathroom window. Hope it’s happy there. If it get flower buds, I’ll be sure to show you, as long as you promise not to tell Iggy.


Hope you’re all having a splendid weekend. It’s a sparkling Florida spring day here.

I’m also linking this to Jude’s April Garden Photography Challenge ‘Get a Little Closer’.